Providing Access To

positive, quality counseling services while working on individual goals.

Bloom Counseling and Wellness Center specializes in individual and group therapy services for children, teens, adults and couples. This includes talk therapy, Neurofeedback, EMDR, and Play Therapy. 


Our goal is to help individuals reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and PTSD/trauma, experience grief in a healthy supported way, learn skills to achieve life/wellness goals, and feel confident, radiant and self-assured.


Some common reasons you or a loved one may be seeking care are listed below.



Maybe you’ve been through some hard times or experienced distressing life experiences. We provide trauma-informed therapy services to children/adults who feel overwhelmed by symptoms that may resemble Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. We use a variety of treatments including, but not limited to, EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neurofeedback, and Play Therapy to teach individuals to manage symptoms and heal from past pain and distress.


For many individuals, rapidly changing moods and impulses can cause conflict in nearly every area of life. We have therapists that specialize in DBT (dialectic behavior therapy), a treatment designed to help those with intense emotions, behaviors, and/or often harmful urges. Our therapists use DBT to help you learn to cope more effectively with fluctuating emotions and urges and live a life full of purpose and satisfaction. In addition to DBT, we provide Neurofeedback, a cutting-edge treatment that uses feedback to train your brainwaves to create better emotion regulation. 


As challenging as it is to be an adult, it can be even more frustrating to be a teen or young adult and to feel as if you do not have a voice or the skills to cope with and manage painful emotions or experiences. We work with teens that experience a number of problems including, but not limited to, bullying, gender identity, LGBTQ+, depression, anxiety, anger management, sexual acting out and addiction. We use individual and group therapy to manage symptoms and teach teen’s new ways to cope using creative, artistic and evidence based treatments.


Is your child having difficulty expressing or managing emotions, exhibiting behavior problems, experiencing issues at school, or having difficulty with social connections with peers or adults? We can work with your child through Play Therapy to help your child learn to creatively solve problems, understand and manage emotions, learn to set and respond to healthy boundaries, and understand the consequences of their choices.


Balancing parenting, work and daily life can be a struggle, and can cause disconnection in the marital relationship. Especially if a move, affair or death occurs, the relationship can be deeply affected and can benefit from therapeutic support. Your therapist will give you space to express yourself, learn new ways to managing conflict, help your recover from betrayal and emerge feeling more connected than ever with your spouse/partner.


It can be difficult and isolating to parent a child or children struggling with mental health concerns. We believe every parent and family deserves support and coaching to help facilitate healing and help children/teens learn new coping skills and ways of managing conflict.

BRAIN INJURY / Neurofeedback

Whether you've had a traumatic brain injury, several sports-related bumps on the head, or experienced psychological trauma, your brain experiences physical changes that can impact cognitive functioning, memory, mood, and behavior. Neurofeedback monitors brainwaves and provides feedback to your brain using images on a screen, music, guided meditation, and other feedback sounds to train your brain to operate at it's best. Learn more about BrainPaint here.